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Cardio Station

Upgrade your cardio routine and shred more fat with our cutting-edge fitness equipment.

Cardiorespiratory fitness is one of the key components of a well rounded fitness plan.There are numerous benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness:

• Improved Heart Health

• Maintaining a Healthy Weight

• Burning calories

• Increased metabolism

• Improved hormonal profile

• Improved recovery ability

• Management of conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and lipids, obesity

• Improved state of mind

• Improved muscle tone

• Whether you`re trying to bulk up or cut fat, cardio workouts improve aerobic and muscular endurance, and make you more lean and fit.

Experience multiple ways in which your body can achieve an effective cardiovascular workout using a variety of cardiovascular workout equipment at JGS

Strength Zone

Training for strength is an essential part of an overall fitness plan.

Benefits of Strength Training:

• Improved Bone health and muscle mass

• Improved Metabolism

• Efficient calorie burn

• Improved body mechanics and posture

• Prevention and management of conditions like osteoporosis.

• Improved mental well being and energy levels

Whether you`re a skilled lifter or just starting your strength-training regimen, discover state of the art strength training equipment at our Strength Zone and make your fitness goals a reality.

Functional Training

Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks and thus help you do everyday activities safely and efficiently. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability, agility,balance, muscular strength and endurance. Discover a wide range of functional fitness exercises ,using a variety of equipment ,like, the TRX, Bosu, Halo Trainers, Stability Balls and more, all under the guidance and supervision of experienced trainers.

Group X

In order for you to succeed and stick to the exercise plan you must have fun while moving towards your goal. To this effect, we offer you, a wide array of classes –The fun and fitness at JG’S offers a wide spectrum of group classes, conducted by dedicated, knowledgeable and certified trainers, who will motivate and inspire you. So get your heart pumping and muscles moving with JG’S all the way.

Weight Management

Gaining excessive weight can lead to number of health related issues and some of them can even prove to be lethal. It is therefore important to maintain healthy weight. One of the problems with weight gain and obesity is that the process is very slow and one does not notice the change in weight until it is almost too late. Once you have gained excessive weight, getting rid of it from your body again is a very slow and a long process and many people do not have the endurance to withstand this process. If you too are faced with many such problems then do not worry, we are here to take care of your weight management needs.

We have very effective weight loss program for you here at JG’s Fitness Centre. We are one of the most trusted fitness centers in Mumbai and we have excellent facilities that match global standards. Contact us today for custom designed weight loss programs. When it comes to losing weight, it is important to first diagnose the underlying reasons that make you gain weight. Your weight loss program has to be tailored based on the reasons identified for weight gain. You can now take advantage of our weight loss program. We have qualified and experienced weight loss experts that will design an impressive weight loss program best suits your needs.

As one of the most experienced fitness centers in Mumbai, we have helped numerous people to successfully lose weight in the healthiest way possible. Our trainers will not only design the most effective weight loss program for you but we will also make sure that you remain focused in achieving your weight loss goals. In our experience, we have seen that most people start with great enthusiasm but their interest level drops down within a short time because they set very unrealistic weight loss goals for themselves due to ignorance. Do not worry, you will not have to go through such disappointing weight loss programs any longer. Our trainers will be with you every step of the way and guide you through the weight loss process. With the support and guidance of our weight loss trainers, you will be able to progress fast and gain excellent shape within a short time. We have fabulous facilities at our fitness centre that will create a perfect environment for all your fitness training needs.

Health Wellness


Instituting a workplace wellness program improves the health of employees, decreases employee absenteeism and saves the company money, too. Learn more about starting an employee wellness program in the office or at our gym.Contact us to know more.


Functional training as well as sport specific workouts to enhance your performance.


Healthy moms have healthy babies Fitness is pregnancy is a hot topic. Being fit can help you stay healthy during pregnancy, it can reduce the likelihood of complications during labor and actually make labor shorter. One of the biggest benefits is that it makes losing weight after you have the baby easier. Try it out!


Is pain slowing you down?We offer Physical therapy,Rehabilitation and Fitness, all under one roof and make you good to go

Senior Fitness

Safe and effective fitness programs for older adults, keeping in mind their functional fitness and overall health..Programs address muscular strength and endurance, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary strength:,Flexibility ,Posture and Motor control efficiencies.

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