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3 Mango Recipes To Try Before Summer Ends!
Here are three easy mango recipes to enjoy this summer.

by Vineetha Mehta

Top 3 Easy Indian Vegan Snacks To Make
Check out the top 3 easy Indian vegan snacks to make at home!

by Team Fitternity

Here Are The Top 3 Quick Recipes For A Cozy Winter
Winter is here and surely everyone’s favorite thing to do is to tuck themselves in their coziest blanket along with yummy meals for a perfect binge-watch session! So for your lazy & cozy time, try this quick recipe to munch on!

by Team Fitternity

How To Make Broccoli Dishes In 15 Minutes!
For all broccoli lovers, here are 2 instant broccoli recipes that can be part of your healthy balanced diet!

by Sakshi Kirpalani

Ways To Eat Flax Seeds. Health Benefits, Tips And Recipes
These tiny nutty seeds host a lot of health benefiting properties that are brimming with nutritional goodness. There is a very strong reason why flax seeds have made it to the mainstream market and peoples kitchens.

by Zahabia Rajkotwala

Healthy Chocolate Dessert Recipes You Can Eat On A Diet
For all the dessert lovers out there, here are 3 delicious chocolate dessert recipes you can have without feeling guilty for cheating on your diet.

by Team Fitternity

5 Overnight Oats Recipe For a Healthy Breakfast
The perfect meal prep for a super healthy and fiber-filled breakfast, perfect for the rush days. Read on to know the 5 delicious overnight oats recipes.

by Zahabia Rajkotwala

Recipes for 3 Ingredient Pancake
A quick, yummy and healthy pancake recipe for lazy mornings. All it requires is 3 ingredients which you can easily find in your kitchen.

by Kinnari Jariwala

Recipe: Light Caesar Salad Dressing With Homemade Garlic Croutons
A quick recipe guide for Light Caesar Salad Dressing prepared with Homemade Garlic Croutons to add a healthier touch to your home mealtime during the upcoming Year-End celebrations.

by Kinnari Jariwala

5 Recipes You Can Follow If You Are On A Diet
Being on a diet means essentially staying away from greasy and carb-loaded foods. Read on for five delicious recipes that you can follow on your diet when you are craving for something delicious

by Healthenablr

Whole Food Recipes You Should Try Right Now!
Whole foods are non-processed, non-refined food that are packed with nutrition. Since they do not go through any polishing or refining processes, their nutritional value stays intact.

by Healthenablr

Recipe: Spicy Paneer Wrap
Mid-meal snack cravings can be difficult. Here is the perfect quick recipes to keep you taste buds tingling. The Spicy paneer wrap is a perfect blend of spice and sweet. Don't believe us, try it for yourself!

by Art Of Living

All In A Day’S Sandwich
Celebrating World Sandwich Day with Our Love For Breads!

by Kinnari Jariwala

The Healthiest Pesto Pizza Recipe!
How You Can Celebrate Pizza Month Without Half The Guilt Or The Calories.

by Akansha Jhalani

The Best Morning Smoothie
The healthiest, tastiest way to start your day!

by Avantika Goswami

Healthy Cous Cous Salad
Here’s how you toss up a quick healthy salad.

by Avantika Goswami

Low Carb Recipes
Indulge without the bulge

by Rekha Kakkar

Deliciously Healthy Pancake Recipes
Breakfast is important, but a pancake breakfast can save lives

by Ankita Chawla

Recipe: Baked Samosa
Now you can have your favourite snack guilt-free

by Rekha Kakkar

Chocolate Apple Brownies
This unusual pairing is healthy and delicious

by Rekha Kakkar

Healthy Snacks For The Kids: Open Faced Sandwiches
A fun snack you can make with your kids

by Rekha Kakkar

Healthy Schezwan Fried Rice
Craving some Chinese? This recipe by Rekha Kakkar is a great healthy fix

by Rekha Kakkar

Healthy Minestrone Soup
A wholesome soup is a great dinner option, and the minestrone is a classic

by Rekha Kakkar

Nutritious Besan Cheela With Zucchini And Tzatziki Dip
A filling Indian meal with a fun, healthy spin

by Rekha Kakkar

Low-Calorie Thandai
Celebrate Holi guilt-free with this healthy Thandai version

by Monika Manchanda

Sweet Almost ? Nothings: Healthy V- Day Ideas
Guilt-free indulgence for two on Valentine's day

by Ankita Chawla

5 Awesome Vegan Recipes
A variation on vegetarianism, vegan diets are fast becoming a new lifestyle choice. Here?s five great recipes to tantalize those vegan taste buds.

by Rekha Kakkar

Low Fat Butter Chicken
Butter chicken is something that most of us do not think even think about as healthy eating. But at the same time there are days when you absolutely want to indulge yourself. So we have come up with a butter chicken recipe that won't leave you feeling guilty.

by Rekha Kakkar

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