Looking to turn your ordinary workout into powerful workouts? Then you should definitely consider Plyometrics training as it is a great way to build your muscle power. 

Plyometrics training also called jump training is a very sweaty, intense and high impact form of training. It is a type of training that will prepare your muscles to produce power and strength at a great speed. It is a form of training which will use speed and power of different movements to build muscle power. To read more about plyometrics training, click here to read the article on the same.

The following are the top 5 plyometric exercises to be included in your workout:

Front Box Jump

How it works: Sounds interesting right? It is one of the most commonly used plyo exercises and will help you to strengthen your glutes and quadriceps. To get started with this training, place a plyo box about 6 inches away from your feet. Get into a squat position and as you squat, jump off your body including your arms and land softly on the plyo box. Step down and repeat the steps to perform this exercise again.

Jump Squat

How it works: Stand straight with your hips and feet wide apart. As you squat, make sure your feet are in line with your hips. Keep your core and your abs tight. Put some weight and pressure on your toes as you jump off to make a jumping squat. As you land, make sure you are in a squat and be careful of your knees.

Alternating Jump Lunges

How it works: Stand straight with your shoulder and feet wide apart. Jump your left leg forward and right leg back with alternating hands moving back and forth to make a lunge. Change the leg in the mid-air and make sure your knee lands at a 90-degree angle. Taking fewer breaks and doing it continuously will give you better results. 


How it works: Stand with your feet and hips wide apart. As you squat, put your hands down, push and jump your feet back and you land in a plank position. As you land in a plank position, do a push-up. After this, jump your feet forward near your hands and jump as high as you can with your hands over your head and shoulders. 

Clapping push ups

How it works: Place your hands and your toes on the ground and should be wider than and in line with the shoulders. Squeeze your glutes and make sure that your body is making a straight line from your ankles to your head. In order to perform the clapping push ups, lower your body till your chest touches the floor. Once you reach there, pause, and then push your body away from the ground with enough force and strength to clap your hands beneath your chest. Be extremely careful while performing this and don’t end up hurting your body. 

I hope these exercises have pumped you enough to get started with plyometrics training. So what’s stopping you from getting agile, flexible and powerful? Book your workout class today.

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